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Retreat to your Inner Landscape
Lie down and Listen X Ibiza SixSenses Retreats
Coming March 2023

Escape to the spiritual surroundings of Ibiza Six Senses spa set on the crystalline Xarraca Bay - an out of the ordinary location to explore your Inner Temple on a Lie down and Listen retreat.

You'll restore balance of your mind and body's vibration through the healing and deeply connecting properties of music, movement and nutrition and leave feeling restored, energized and radiating good vibrations.

You'll also be simulating and feeding your mind with inspiring talks on the healing power of sleep, nutrition and sound. As a group we’ll delve into classical music listening sessions to heighten our  sense of perception and form deep connection with each other in environmental listening workshops uncovering ways to find a deep connection to ourselves, each other and the environment.




  • 7  nights accommodation at Six Senses Ibiza

  •  3 delicious meals a day with nutritious foods and drinks

  • Massages and other treatments in the spa available


Daily programme of:

  • Meditation, Yoga, Yoga Nidra

  • Classical Music Listening sessions

  • Environmental Listening sessions

  • Expert talks on sleep 

  • Talks on the power of sound and listening

  • Talks on nutrition and how this affects our vibrations

  • Listening circles 

  • One to One Lie down and Listen experiences

  • Group Lie down and Listens and sharing circles

  • Mindful Walks in nature

  • Early Morning Hill runs (optional!)


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