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Lie down & Listen
Lying down Concerts


Saturday 18 March 2023

 During this restorative 90 mins experience, Lie down and Listen founder and classical pianist Christina McMaster will guide you through a meditation and Tibetan bowl sound healing, followed by a concert of gentle classical music. 

You’ll be guided into a deeply relaxed state as you sink into sumptuously soft mattresses, wrapped up in cosy blankets and gazing up at the Fitzrovia Chapel's stunning ceiling decorated with over 500 mosaic stars.

We lie down in order to allow ourselves to experience a change of perspective and a heightened awareness of space: here you’ll perceive the subtleties, textures and colours of the music and feel the sounds resonating with your entire being.

Forthcoming dates:

Sunday 16 April 2023

Sunday 21 May 2023

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Lying down Concerts

Unlike traditional classical concerts, where the outdated rituals can feel stifling, these lying down concerts for larger groups allow you to be fully immersed and simply allow the sound and music to work its magic through you.


No need to know everything there is to know about the composer or when to clap - you just simply lie down and listen to traditional sound healing instruments and classical music performed by world class musicians. 

Feed off the powerful uniting energy of larger groups for an uplifting and nourishing experience.

Each concert is a new creation and a perfect pick:


  • for a first date

  • a friends night out

  • If you're feeling culturally curious. 

Lie down and Listen concert .JPG

Lie down & Listen at the stunning gilded Fitzrovia Chapel

Lie down & Listen 'Inner Temple' at Kings Place, London

Sunday 26 March 2023: 11.00am

Christina McMaster - Piano

Tom Middleton - Sound Artist/Wellness Music Pioneer

An original electro acoustic collaboration between pianist Christina McMaster and wellness music pioneer and ambient composer Tom Middleton, experienced via an altered perspective - lying down for conscious listening.


The experience is in reverence of 12th Century Priestess - Hildegard Von Bingen and her immense creativity, sonic visions, words, art works, eco activism and use of plant and sound medicine. 


Expect to experience sound in new dimensions with real time transformations across multiple modes via immersive surround speakers to fully envelop you as Tom leverages the venue's DB sound system, whilst sculpting the acoustic piano to guide you within to your personal ‘Inner Temple’ of sound.

Inner Temple 26 March

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