Inner Landscape Workshop (2hrs)

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20 February 7:00pm 2022

  • 45 British pounds
  • Online via Zoom


In this 2hrs 'Inner Landscape' workshop, pianist and founder of Lie down and Listen Christina McMaster will help you to develop your listening to your inner landscape and how to apply this in every day life. Listening is the most powerful tool we can cultivate in life. It's also rarely something we experience in our day to day lives and communications - either being listened to or truly listening – whether to ourselves or others. Listening to our inner voice allows us to live a life in harmony with ourselves and the world. Listening to each other leads to understanding, recognition and positive collaborations and relationships. To really listen is to listen with your entire being - mind, body and soul. The words someone is saying or the notes a musician is playing are just the intermediary. The true listening comes from the intention and openness to receive. This is not as easy as it sounds, since our modern world is set up for distraction Listening creates focus, clarity and intention. When we are in tune with our inner voice, our way of expression becomes effortless, and others can't help but listen. The earliest form of yoga was Nada Yoga – literally meaning union through sound. All myths and stories of creation begin with a form of vibration. That’s because everything in our experience IS vibration and therefore, tuning into listening to vibrations means we tune in to be present to life. The workshop falls into three parts: 1. Explore 2. Create 3. Experience In the workshop you'll - explore ideas, philosophies and practical applications of sound and music - learn about the ancient power of sound, music and listening - learn how we can advance our skills to enhance our lives. - learn to become composers of your own soundscape, vibrations and how this can positively impact your wellbeing. - learn to become a master listener - to inner and outer sounds and also to silence - be guided into creating and activating vibrations through your body through chanting and listening. - Experience the beautiful Lie down and listen - lying down concert - meditate and follow a listening ritual, tuning into the pure sound as a gateway of sound to the lie down and listen experience. - shift perspective as you lie down, calming your central nervous system and opening you up for listening to live classical piano music. In this final state of relaxation, you allow the music to move through you and create positive vibrations!

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