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Lie down and Listen to Debussy

Meditation and Lying down concert 30 April 9.00pm (BST)

  • 15 British pounds

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Claude Debussy was a composer who was truly in tune with nature. Remarkably many of his compositions follow mathematical laws of nature in their musical structures. Whether this was intentional or not, Debussy's music contain sonorities and melodies which resonate with so many of us on a deep level and because of this he is one of the most popular composers of all time.  To open the Friday night session, we'll settle in our space, making sure you're super comfortable - blankets, cushions and candles at the ready! You can even take the session from your bed if you like, allowing you to drift off to sleep afterwards. The deep listening begins with a guided meditation in a seated position. This will enable you to tune into your inner sounds and the sounds inspired by nature to follow. You'll then lie down once your body, mind and soul are in an open and relaxed state, ready to receive the gorgeous sonorities of Debussy's piano music played by Christina.

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