Monday 19 December 6.30pm

Fitzrovia Chapel, London


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If you are seeking solitude and connection, join us for a Tibetan bowl sound healing and live harp Lie down and Listen session in this stunning central London space.


We'll be working with Head Up Charity - a charity offering better mental health for armed forces. Head Up Charity will be offering music therapy at their new retreat center. 


As part of this day, Fitzrovia Chapel and Lie down & Listen will be offering the sound healing experience to those in the Armed Forces who have given so much of themselves to our country.

Sunday 29 January 2023, 11.00am

Kings Place, London

Inner Landscape

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Christina McMaster: Piano

Toby Carr: Lute


This Lie down and Listen is part of the Sound Unwrapped festival at Kings Place. You'll be lying down and listening to music and sounds of Tibetan bowls, Piano and Lute - seamlessly interweaving Ravel, Brahms, John Cage, Dowland etc. and enabling you the space to access your own Inner Landscape.

Sunday 26 March 2023: 11.00am

Kings Place 

Inner Temple

Christina McMaster - Piano

Tom Middleton - Sound Artist/Wellness Music Pioneer

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The body is often referred to as a temple - the nutrition, words, sounds, environment and vibrations we allow into the body impact our physical and spiritual wellness.


A unique electro acoustic collaboration between pianist Christina McMaster and wellness music pioneer and ambient composer Tom Middleton, experienced via an altered perspective - lying down for conscious listening. The experience is in reverence of 12th Century Priestess - Hildegard Von Bingen and her immense creativity, sonic visions, words, art works, eco activism and use of plant and sound medicine. 


Expect to experience sound in new dimensions with real time transformations across multiple modes via immersive surround speakers to fully envelop you as Tom leverages the venue's DB sound system, whilst sculpting the acoustic piano to guide you within to your personal ‘Inner Temple’ of sound.

January 21 - 22nd 

Reconnect + Restore Festival

Burford, Cotswolds