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LD+L in the workplace 

Lie down + Listen is offered in the work place and in schools for all ages. This unique wellness offering combining meditation, yoga and culture offers a range of creative and wellbeing benefits - sharpening our focus and developing deep listening.


What does LD+L offer?

Listening happens on many levels, not only through our ears, but through body language, intellect, emotion and with our intuition. Listening on all these levels is a critical part of working successfully with others, strengthening relationships and resolving conflict and difference.

Deep listening



In office Lie down and Listen experience. The classic LD+L  experience - a guided meditation/deep listening session and restorative yoga session. The participants then lie down and listen to a unique combination of meditative classical music performed by top musicians.

Classical pianist and founder of LD+L Christina McMaster offers a talk on the power of meditation, music and deep listening along with the ways to use these elements for a successful working environment. Christina has given talks at leading venues and Universities both nationally and internationally.



Lie down and Listen also offers;

  • One to one yoga/meditation sessions with live music 

  • Group meditation/yoga sessions with live music 

Learn + Listen

Lie down + Listen in the office

Meditation, Yoga and Music

Please get in touch to discuss hosting a lie down and listen event or programme at your workplace. 

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