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Lie down and Listen Founder and Pianist Christina McMaster is on a mission to create spaces for deep listening and creativity to make a better world of meaningful connection. Lie down and Listen is a meditation and lying down concert experience and now offers one to one sessions, in depth online workshops and tailored private experiences.

What makes Lie down and Listen unique is that it combines sound and listening practices such as nada yoga, how to bring greater awareness, attention and listening to sound and  classical music which connects you to the source of inspiration which it came from.

Whether you choose an inner landscape workshop, or a series of one to one sound healing lie down and listen sessions, you will be positively impacting your health, presence and helping make to make the world a more connected place to live through deep listening.

"All of the external forms are lovely, but the real work is your inner connection" 

~ Ram Dass 

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Inner Landscape Workshop
Sunday 20 February 7:00pm

When was the last time you felt truly heard? Or really listened?


The Lie down and the experience guides you to meet and form a bond with your  inner voice - so often unheard, thereby unlocking an intuitive creativity and with relationships.


We do this through awareness and listening to both sound and silence using meditation, singing and rituals to create healing vibrations and transformative attention.

The Inner Landscape Workshop lasts 2hrs.

Christina will share insights on music, sound and listening principals to understand the benefits and power of music and sound. You'll then be guided through a meditation, and a ritual to create an intention of listening. You'll also explore sound fundamentals together with Christina create sounds using your own voice. (no experience needed!) then for the rest of the session you will lie down and listen to live classical music performed by Christina.

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One to one Lie down and Listen 

​We meditate, we create an intention of listening, we explore sound fundamentals together and finally lie down and listen.


These deeply relaxing ritual led sessions lie down and Listen create a special space for you to find restoration, balance and unlock creativity.

If you're looking for inspiration and connection you'll be guided through to connect to the heart of the music which itself comes from a place of inspiration.

Sessions last 90mins

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Lie down and Listen
Tailored at home experience

An at home Lie down and Listen session is a way to acknowledge your commitment to creativity and deep connection. True creativity and inspiration happens when we're relaxed and deeply in tune with ourselves. Expressing ourselves becomes natural when we are aligned with our inner sound. This is the basis of one of the earliest forms of yoga - known as Nada Yoga - the yoga (union) of sound. 

The at home Lie down and Listen offers the unique experience of sound creation and live classical music performed by concert pianist and Lie down and Listen Founder Christina McMaster. Inviting these good vibrations into your home brings a positive inspirational and creative energy into your own environment which will last beyond the experience. In this sound healing session  Christina will guide you in home rituals and practices to create healing vibrations for yourself.


All extras will be provided e.g, cushions, blankets, scents, candles, teas.  

We are also able to offer the experiences with choral groups,