"I remember playing the Liszt’s Consolation in D flat major in assembly at school and afterwards my teacher Miss Valance came up to me, she was thanking me through tearing saying how comforting it had been as she had recently lost a family member. Looking back I was struck in that moment music at how powerful music could be. Although, even before this my Grandma would tell me the story of her grandfather who, instead of going to the doctors when he was sick would go to the opera instead

In 2018 as I lay in shavanssana, I thought; this is how I want people who go to my concerts to feel. I also noticed that when lying down all my senses especially my auditory senses seemed heightened, someone knocked over a water bottle I could hear that louder than I normally would, but I also would seem to enter into another world – not sleeping but a deeper awareness. I also discovered that the earliest type of yoga was not a yoga using asanasa (postures) today, but actually was a practise of deep inner listening and tuning into our own sound in order to find connection. I began exploring this thread and the ancient sound for healing, as composer and healer Hildegard Von Bingen used it, the Egyptians and other ancient civilizations.


In 2020 during a gentle easing of lockdown restrictions I was asked to play for the Culture Clinic sessions at Kings Place. A creative initiative where small groups of up to six people could book a ticket for a private, personally tailored performance. After speaking together briefly, I would then prescribe and perform music I felt they needed to hear.  One concert goer described my role as ‘Physician of the soul’ It was different it was from performing to a large audience - we had formed an intimate lasting connection.

Then in n 2021 I enrolled on a Sound Healing course with Sound Ceremony in Andalusia. I met an amazing group of people and together we learnt to truly listen to each other. This course was so much more than learning how to use instruments it was teaching me how to connect with others. Unifying these ideas of musical cures for modern malaise: combining modern music with traditional ancient sound healing techniques. I began testing and creating this experience where I would combine meditation – for an intention to listen and set a space for connection. Then the use of Tibetan Bowls would physically move and engage the vibrations of the listener in profound ways. After the Tibetan Bowls they are immersed in live improvised and classical music, and because of the rituals beforehand, there is a openness to experience the emotion, feel empathy and connection through the music. Of course all this is done lying down which changes your view not only metaphorically but potentially metaphysically too.

I feel so much love and sense of purpose in giving the sessions as well and I think that is an important part to contribute to the world. I feel as if I can make a deep connection with just one person and then the next person and then the next person then eventually confirm this connection.

In 2017 following a chance meeting with Prof. Sir John Strang in a New York café Christina became a Visiting Associate  at Kings College London working with a team of scientists on a project called Sound Mind exploring to re create the benefits of a hallucinogenic trip - changes in perception of time and enhanced creativity. In 2018 Pianist Christina McMaster founded Lie down and Listen in 2018 but the seeds of the original ideas that it has evolved into today was planted across her life and career as a pianist.



The act of listening can be transformative. It can introduce a change of perspective, heighten our perception of sound, space, time, spirituality. Our intuitive intelligence knows there is more beyond the images we see, the sounds we perceive. Just sit in silence for a few minutes to begin to recognise this. In this age of overwhelming distraction, we have to be intentional about where we place our attention.

Inner Landscape is about the openness and expansiveness which is created through being present, paying attention and listening - which in turn allows the newly revealed space to be filled with all sorts of wondrous ideas, feelings, thoughts, connections, inspiration and creative ideas.