"Swathed in blankets, I lie back and she plays...the sound is mesmerizing; the 90-minute session vanishes...

I’m certainly moved and utterly blissed out.” Financial Times HTSI

You’re warmly invited to ReConnect & ReNourish: a celebration of sound, meditative lying down classical music, community, nourishment and beautiful vibrations all set in the stunning candlelit medieval ‘Old Hall’ in Burford.


Each of the six events are designed to create space for you to calm, purify and rebalance your entire body, mind and soul. Choose the event which resonates most with you and your needs - whether it’s Inspired by Nature with cacao circle, Tibetan bowls and live classical  piano or ReConnect to Kindness with sweet chai teas, Tibetan Bowls and gentle harp music.


ReConnect + ReNourish events are immersive sound healing experiences where the sound washes over you as you sink into your sumptuously soft mattresses, simply lying down, listening and absorbing the soul nourishing vibes.


We so look forward to seeing you there. 


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Session tickets:£30

Includes hot drinks + a complimentary gift.

Limited Early Bird Tickets: £25 until 30 November: EARLYLDL

Under 21's Tickets: £20 Use the CODE LDL20 (proof of age required on the door)

Saturday 21 January 

11.00am Old Hall, Warwick Hall, Burford

 Lie down + Listen: Inspired by Nature

+ Gentle walk in nature to get blood flowing

+ Warm up inside with Cacao circle

+ Lie down & Listen to classical piano music 

Perfect for teenagers + families

Nourishment: Warm Cacao (like hot chocolate)

Sounds: Nature, Tibetan bowls + Piano

Saturday 21 January 

12.30pm Old Hall, Warwick Hall, Burford


Tibetan Bowls Demo + Play

Those attending the ‘inspired by nature session’ are welcome to stay for an introduction to Tibetan Bowls + explore creating sounds yourselves

Bowls 2 .jpg

Saturday 21 January 

3.00pm Old Hall, Warwick Hall, Burford

Lie down & Listen: Re:Nourish mind and body with the Four Elements (75mins)


You'll be welcomed with afternoon Turmeric Lattes to warm you up before snuggling onto your mattresses under cosy blankets as you lie down and listen to calming and soul restoring classical piano music inspired by nature and the elements.


Nourishment: Tumeric Lattes + Spicy chocolate

Sounds: Piano music inspired by nature including Debussy, Ravel and John Cage as well as improvised sounds.


+ complimentary REN Skincare ever calm face mask gift

Saturday 21 January 

7.30pm Old Hall, Warwick Hall, Burford

 Lie down & Listen: Deep rest + Lullabies (75mins)

Prepare for a deep resting ritual as you delve deeply into relaxation, calming your central nervous system with soothing sounds and musical lullabies.


Nourishment: Camomile teas + dark chocolate

Sounds: Tibetan bowls + piano music. Including gentle lullabies by Bach, Brahms and Bill Evans alongside improvised music to relax your mind and body.

Pianist: Christina McMaster


+ complimentary REN Skincare ever calm face mask gift


Lie down & Listen: Hommage to Hildegard Von Bingen (75mins)

3.00pm Old Hall, Warwick Hall, Burford

Featuring medieval Lute sounds - in homage to the 12th century eco activist, composer, plant medicine healer, visionary, artist and Priestess - whose philosophies and channeling of the divine feminine in all things creative make her an important role model for today - as we are in need of nourishment and care.


Nourishment: Green Juice + Warm tea

Sounds: Baroque + Medieval Lute music by Dowland, Lully + Satie with additional sound colourings of Tibetan Bowls + Piano


Lutenist: Toby Carr

Tibetan Bowls/Pianist: Christina McMaster

 Sunday 22 January

Sunday 22 January

5.30pm Old Hall, Warwick Hall, Burford

Lie down & Listen: Reconnect to Kindness (75mins)

Re:Store to your natural state of being - loving kindness.


We’ll be opening the body to recieve kindness  in gently restorative lying down yoga poses (accessible to anyone who can lie down!) to help cultivate Kindness to ourselves and to others as you Lie down & Listen to soul nourishing and sweet sounds of classical harp music


Nourishment: Honey + Oat milk / LOVE Tea.

Sounds: Tibetan Bowls + Classical Harp

Harpist:Noa Davies

+ complimentary REN Skincare ever calm face mask gift


Sunday 22 January

7.30pm Old Hall, Warwick Hall, Burford

 Lie down & Listen: Planting seeds  (75mins)

When we take time to plant seeds in the winter - whether in your garden or life + nourish them with love, appreciation and care - even when no buds are showing then we can look forward with confidence looking forward to the blossoming.

In this closing event, the ritual focuses on visualization + manifestation. The music will move us into a focused and trance like state before releasing into long and slow ethereal music.  

Nourishment: Sweet Chai Tea + seed biscuits

Sounds: Tibetan bowls + classical piano music

Tibetan Bowls/Pianist: Christina McMaster


+ complimentary REN Skincare ever calm face mask gift