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Personalised Composition

A soundworld of your own

A personalised sound world 

Have you considered what is your sound world ? Your vibration?

Imagine having your own unique quality and frequency captured in music -stirring emotions and creating a sensory story that resonates and is instantly recognisable by those who know you and what you stand for.


Gift a personalised composition to a loved one or co-create a unique sound world to elevate your brand.

Listen to compositions 

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"Sound is the most powerful of the senses, and vibrations affect our entire being. I love composing music and capturing a feeling, an emotion, a sensuous intangible quality in music. Seeing another persons reaction when they hear themselves and their emotions in the music is the most incredible reward and makes a truly special gift"

- Pianist, Composer and Founder of Lie Down and Listen Christina McMaster

Piece for Mary Lyn

Solo Piano

Mary LynChristina McMaster
00:00 / 03:18
Piece for Vickie

Solo Piano


Created for a special friend.

Piece for Vickie wavChristina McMaster
00:00 / 37:54

Solo Piano


Created for the wedding of David and Richard capturing the initial nerves of when they first met then the music soars revealing their energy, vitality and fun.

TogetherChristina McMaster
00:00 / 02:44
Piece for Lauchlane

Solo Piano

A joyful celebration of baby Lauchlane coming into the world.


Piece for LauchlaneChristina McMaster
00:00 / 03:19
Antiphon for Divine Love - Hildegard Recomposed 

Solo Piano

Reworking of Antiphon for Divine Love by Hildegard Von Bingen. Extract performed live at the BBC.

Letting Go 

Solo Piano

An extended track with an improvisatory quality, designed to guide listeners into a deep resting state. Accompanying a spoken word  yoga nidra by Kate O'Brien. 

Inner Temple 

Piano + electronics + nature soundscape

A sonic journey composed and performed by Christina McMaster on piano and original electronics by Tom Middleton. Be immersed in the sound of ‘Inner Temple’ Inspired by 12th century Priestess, plant medicine healer, eco-activist and sonic visionary Hildegard Von Bingen. Hildegard’s vision and painting ‘The Universe’ influenced our music. It’s a vision of pure creation, the four elements and their meaning. The vision doesn’t deny the darkness, but leans right into the core of it, embracing its contrast with the light as an essential part in the process of creation. Almost every electronic sound originates from the piano and even the soft rain sound is sourced from Bingen itself where Hildegard lived.


First performed at Kings Place, London in March 2023. Commission generously supported by Help Musicians UK.

Farmacy X Mother of Pearl

Solo Piano

Commission for a film by Mary McCartney in collaboration with London poet Laureate Theresa Lola. 

Summer Breeze 

Solo Piano

A musical moment, capturing a beautiful summers day in the Cotswolds.

Open arms closed eyes inner landscape .jpg
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