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Lie down Listen Events

Blissful experiences to change your perspective and shift your vibration 

Sunday 8 October 2:00pm
Inner Temple
Lie down 
& Listen
at Kings Place, London 

A unique electro acoustic collaboration between pianist Christina McMaster and wellness music pioneer and ambient composer Tom Middleton, that will be experienced via an altered perspective – lying down for conscious listening. Be immersed in the sound of ‘Inner Temple’ – with nature soundscapes, and meditation guide it's a 360’ immersive sonic journey of new and improvised music inspired by 12th century Priestess, plant medicine healer, eco-activist and sonic visionary Hildegard Von Bingen.

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Asthall Manor image.jpg
Asthall Manor image.jpg

13-15 October 
ReConnect & ReStore 

Asthall Manor, Asthall,Cotswolds

A cosy Cotswolds weekend of Tibetan bowl sound healing and lying down classical music concert experiences for piano and cello.

A focus on listening with our entire beings. Six beautiful events across 3 days, including a blissful pre bed time pamper session and mindful walk in nature.

27-28 October 
Lie down Listen 


A series of Tibetan bowl and lying down classical concert experiences as part of sound festival at The Phoenix Centre and The Barn including family friendly sessions.

Pianist and Lie down & Listen founder Christina McMaster moves fluidly between improvisation and new music composition. As you lie down prepare to allow your perspective and perception to widen - following a listening path of curiosity and creativity.


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18 November 


2.15pm & 3.15pm

Harmonising the power of music and the comfort of Remy Pods, you will have the rare opportunity to experience weightlessness with a Tibetan Bowl sound healing & classical music concert experience by a leading musician.

In these 'pop up' sessions you'll find deep relaxation, harmony and peace as you sink into a Remy pod and feel the vibrations of tibetan bowls and a live harpist serenading you.

You'll feel weightless and as if floating on a cloud.

19 November 

Fitzrovia Chapel


As Autumn draws in - look within to find your inner light.

Lie down beneath 500 golden stars painted on Fitzrovia chapel ceiling as you experience Tibetan bowl sound healing then listen to elegant and melancholic lute music played by leading baroque musician Toby Carr.

You’ll be in a blissful state as you’re supported with sumptuously soft mattresses

Join us on November 19th and pick your time - either 12noon, 3pm or 5pm.

Bring a friend and allow yourself to reflect, relax and deeply connect.

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Dulwich Picture Gallery .jpg

19-20 January 2024
Lie down & Listen Amongst The Masters  

Dulwich Picture Gallery, Dulwich, London

We have three beautiful events at the Dulwich Picture Gallery. On the Saturday morning special guest Ksenija Selivanova will be guiding you through a relaxing self massage session using lovely oils and then you get to lie down and listen to beautiful harp music. You’ll awaken feeling refreshed,  relaxed and radiant.


When you buy a ticket to any of these events you also get a complimentary pass into the gallery.


A perfect way to spend a cosy Friday evening in January or gentle ritual to set you up on Saturday morning. 

Experience times: 

Friday 19 January 6.30pm

Friday 19 January 8.30pm

Saturday 20 January 8.00am

Sunday 21 January 2024
Into Infinity 

The Mount Without, Bristol

Make your Sunday a blissful one to positively uplift your start to the year with X 3 unique sound healing and lying down classical harp concert experiences.

Pianist and Lie down & Listen founder Christina McMaster will guide you through relaxation anHarpist Olivia Jageurs will perform heavenly harp music as you Lie down on soft mattresses in the stunning Mount Without in Bristol you can gaze up to the infinity sculpture in the atmospheric space.

Start your year with a sense of timelessness boundless, infinite potential and create space to feel into your connection with the infinite.

Afterwards you’ll feel relaxed, blissed out, reenergised and you’ll likely sleep better then ever before.

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Private Bespoke  Experiences

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