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21-22 April
ReConnect & ReEnergise Day/Weekend Retreat, Cotswolds

A blissful and relaxing weekend of Tibetan bowl sound healing and lying classical music concert experiences by leading musicians.

These two days are about community, reconnecting to our inner selves and awakening our energy, creativity and light within.

All in stunning surroundings of the Cotswolds and in a very special medieval space at Warwick Hall in Burford.

You'll leave feeling deeply relaxed, blissed out and re energised. 

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Sunday 16 April

Lie down & Listen
at Fitzrovia Chapel for Stress Awareness Month


In honour of Stress Awareness Month, Londoners are invited to lie down and experience deep rest in a sound healing and classical music concert in central London’s own sanctuary, The Fitzrovia Chapel.

During this restorative 75-minute experience, Lie down and Listen founder and classical pianist Christina McMaster will guide you through a meditation and Tibetan bowl sound healing, followed by a concert of gentle classical music from Harpist Olivia Jageurs.

You’ll be guided into a deeply relaxed state as you sink into sumptuously soft mattresses, wrapped up in cosy blankets and gazing up at The Fitzrovia Chapel’s stunning ceiling decorated with over 500 mosaic stars.

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16 April 

Lie down & Listen, Fitzrovia Chapel, London 

21-22 April

ReConnect & ReEnergise, Cotswolds

21 May 

Lie down & Listen, Fitzrovia Chapel, London  

6-7 August

The Mount Without, Bristol

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