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Reconnect to within

"Key to the new wellness frontier"  

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What Lie down & Listeners say...

“Next- level relaxation!”

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 Sound healing & lying down classical 
concert experiences

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Founder and Classical Pianist Christina McMaster noticed that it wasn't only the rituals of classical music concert halls that led to a disconnected listening experience, but in daily life, we are experiencing more disconnection than ever, leading to loneliness, anxiety, stress, sense of emptiness etc. Lie down & Listen began after a chance meeting with Prof. Sir John Strang and a series of events at KCL to recreate the wellbeing benefits of a hallucinogenic experience which then evolved into the meditation, sound healing and lying down concert experience of today which creates space for deep relaxation and for listeners to reconnect within.

Three ways you can experience
Lie down & Listen 

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Lie down and Listen pianist Christina McMaster is a truly creative spirit, dedicated to creating intimate spaces for deep listening and creativity. Christina graduated and was later appointed Associate of London's prestigious Royal Academy of Music. She has performed worldwide and featured on BBC Radio 4, Radio 3 , Classic FM and was selected as Artist in Residence at St Johns Smith Square in 2018. Christina has delivered talks on music at Cambridge and Oxford Universities and was mentor at the Geneva International Music Competition in 2021. Christina has collaborated with numerous leading composers, artists and scientists - including composers Sir Harrison Birtwistle, Ayanna Witter-Johnson, Peggy Seeger, DJ/sleep expert Tom Middleton and with photographer-film maker Mary McCartney. She has also created music and performed for Mother of Pearl, DAKS and Louis Vuitton.

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