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A blissfully relaxing Tibetan Bowl sound healing & lying down classical music concert experience.

"Swathed in blankets, I'm certainly moved and utterly blissed out"  

Financial Times

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"De-stress and get your culture fix all in one"

Evening Standard Magazine

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How We Listen

2 Day Workshop

24-25 August 2024

Colet House, London

What to expect?

  • X 2 blissful and thought provoking days

  • X 4 deeply relaxing lying down concert experiences

  • Introduction to Sound Healing 

  • yoga nidra, nada yoga (yoga of sound)

  • shared teachings in philosophy, deep listening, music, spirituality

  • seated and walking meditations 

  • guided visualisation in deep relaxation

  • listening excersizes

  • improvisation and composition (no experience needed)

Lie down & Listen Founder Christina McMaster in the Cotswolds

"When I grew up my grandmother told me the story about her Grandfather who, whenever he was unwell or down, instead of going to the doctors, he would go to the Opera to be healed... it's inherent in me and I think all of us - that the purpose of music and sound really is for uplifting and healing" 

Pianist /Lie down & Listen Founder Christina McMaster

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