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A blissfully relaxing Tibetan Bowl sound healing & lying down classical music concert experience by leading musicians.

"Key to the new wellness frontier"  

Financial Times

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“Next- level relaxation!”

OM Yoga Magazine

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Three ways you can experience 

Private Lying down classical concert experience

A private deep healing 90mins experience of sound healing on and around the body and a lying down classical piano concert experience in the Cotswold's for 1:1 couples or groups of 3 people.


  • Aids deeper sleep

  • Relieves anxiety

  • Re balances and re energises

A beautiful gift  to yourself, friends or family or special experience for couples.

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Blissful and relaxing weekends of sound baths, lying down classical music concerts & beautiful vibrationsFeed off the powerful uniting group energy for an uplifting and nourishing experience. You can attend one or more 2hrs sessions, a full day or weekend retreat. 

Perfect for:

  • A first date

  • A special night out with friends

  • For culturally curious. 

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Listening is the most important skill we can develop. It's not only about listening with your physical ears, but tuning in with all your senses. To become a real master of listening you need to develop your concentration, creativity, playful curiosity, ability to improvise in any situation and to engage your full spectrum of senses. 

Music, sound and resonance form the foundation of this training, using them as a portal to become masters of listening.


As a result you'll become a better communicator whether in everyday life, through your performance as a musician or other creative expression. can experience the subtleties of life 

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"When I grew up my grandmother told me the story about her Grandfather who, whenever he was unwell or down, instead of going to the doctors, he would go to the Opera to be healed... it's inherent in me and I think all of us - that the purpose of music and sound really is for uplifting and healing" 

Pianist /Lie down & Listen Founder Christina McMaster

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