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Private Experiences

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 A blissful Experience

A 90mins private Lie down & Listen experience creates space to rebalance and reconnect within, to find peace, restoration and vibrational bliss through meditation, Tibetan bowl sound healing and a gentle lying down classical music concert.

You'll lie down in a stunning environment on soft sumptuous mattresses, and sheep skins, covered in warm weighted blankets - ready to absorb the healing and restorative benefits of sound and music. 




Select sound healing, music and type of focus 

Lie Down and Listen founder and pianist Christina McMaster

Or other Lie Down and Listen musicians including Harp, Lute and cello.



​Select from 

An intimate experience in the Cotswolds

 Stunning cultural and heritage spaces in London

A private residence 

Outdoor pre wedding parties and hen parties


  • Improved and deeper sleep 

  • Deep relaxation

  • Anxiety eased

  • Profound spiritual experience

  • Emotional release

  • Feel of being grounded and of connection

  • Increased energy

  • More creativity

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