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Create the personalised soundtrack to your life....

Original Personalised Piano Composition 

A uniquely created piece of classical piano music to capture the essence of a special person in your life. A unique gift for Valentines Day, birthdays, weddings or anytime to let someone know how special they are when words just aren't enough.

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How does it work?


Describe your friend or the vibe you want to create, based on this, Christina will create a new work.


Christina will record and deliver the soundtrack for you/your special someone to open in a beautifully presented gift card with soundtrack QR code link. 

STEP 3 (Optional)

Book in for a live sound healing & lying down classical piano concert and experience the commissioned piece of music live as part of the session. 

Your original piano composition is created by leading pianist, composer and founder of Lie down & Listen Christina McMaster. Christina is an Associate of the Royal Academy of Music and has been featured on BBC Radio3, Radio 4, Classic FM etc. The personalised piano composition gift is recorded to studio quality  created to reflect the personality of a loved one or to inspire a quality or feeling they want to have more of in the coming year.


If you’ve seen the film The Holiday… you might remember the scene where Jack Black writes a song for Iris (for which he used ‘only the good notes'!) and the other theme tune was to inspire 90yr old film director Arthur to walk up the stairs with vigour! This gift is a bit like that - have your own theme tune to inspire and what a special unique gift that someone will have to keep forever.


You could even choose to make it a two part gift by adding on a live experience to the composition and by selecting to gift a heavenly live Lie down & Listen sound healing & lying down classical  concert experience to bring it to life. (in the Cotswolds)

Get in touch with Christina via email:

The Live Lie down & Listen experience

"The 90mins vanishes, I'm certainly moved and utterly blissed out"

The Financial Times

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