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Create the personalised soundtrack to your life....

Personalised Experiential Gifts

Gift a blissful experience of pure creation – that's yours to keep forever.

Personalised Original Composition Gift & Live experience

What will your vibration be for 2024? Choose to manifest your desired vibration - is it more Love, peace, energy, happiness, bliss, abundance? You simply choose, then bring it into being through the power of sound and music. The music and sound vibrations in the live experience take you into a deeply you can access the deeper subconscious and make your desires come true.

Each original and personalised piece of music is created by Lie down and Listen founder and leading classical pianist Christina McMaster.

Gift a blissful experience of pure creation – that's yours to keep for ever - with an original personalised piano composition (delivered digitally) and a heavenly live Lie down & Listen sound healing & lying down classical  concert experience to bring it to life. (in the Cotswolds)

Historically, an original musical commission was only for Royalty, some Royals even requested music specifically to help them sleep better.  The personalised piece is recorded to studio quality and the 90mins private experience by Christina McMaster offers both original music and the promise of better sleep. You'll feel heavenly, relaxed and just like royalty.

"The 90mins vanishes, I'm certainly moved and utterly blissed out"

The Financial Times

“I felt so amazing that evening right after, quite euphoric… such a deeply relaxing and fulfilling experience”


How does it work?

1. Make your gift purchase

(Composition and live experience also available to purchase separately)

2. Answer x5 questions via email or telephone. Based on these answers, Christina will create a new work designed to elevate your vibration.

3. Christina will record and deliver the soundtrack for you/your special someone to open in a beautifully presented gift card with soundtrack link.  

Optional extras:

- A personalised guided meditation as part of the recording made by Christina to ease you into the music, so you can lie down, listen and float away. (£22)

Select your gift...

Original Classical Composition + 90mins Lie down & Listen private experience

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Purchase Experiential Gift

Private Sound healing & lying down concert experience

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Personalised Original Composition Gift

Private Lie down & Listening Party

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