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ReConnect & ReJuvenate

Friday 17 & Saturday 18 May

Pip and Jim's, Cheltenham

X6 blissful sound healing and lying down classical concert experiences.


Join for one session or the entire weekend for the ultimate relaxation. 

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"Utterly blissed out" Financial Times

Sessions Duration: 2hrs

Imagine lying down on soft mattresses and cushions, as you absorb the powerful vibrations of Tibetan bowl sound healing and a live lying down classical piano concert experience.

This May, ReConnect & ReJuvenate your entire being as you’re welcomed to step into this divine and creative space to tune into your own inner energy source and rejuvenate your entire being.

You'll be guided through sessions by pianist, sound healer and founder of Lie down & Listen Christina McMaster with additional sounds weaved throughout the weekend percussion, organ and a unique piano, electronics and nature soundscapes immersion.

As we move through the height of spring this weekend of resonance, sound, deep rest and movement will guide you to feel boundless creativity, energy and joy.

You’ll leave feeling deeply rested, reconnected and rejuvenated.

Book one session or experience all six sessions over the entire weekend.

Standard Tickets: £45 include the 2hrs session + cacao drinks on arrival.

Full Weekend Pass: £240 for all x6 sessions across 2 days.

All Day Saturday Pass: £150

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Session times

Friday 17 May

4.00pm Session 1 Your essence: Tuning into the Chakras

Sounds: Tibetan bowls + Piano

7.00pm Session 2 Deep Rest, enabling the body to restore itself

Sounds: Tibetan Bowls + Piano

Saturday 18 May

9.30am Session 3 Rejuvenate: Moving energy out and through

Sounds: Tibetan Bowls + Piano + Percussion

With special guest: Teena Lyle - sound healer, reiki master, composer and percussionist for Van Morrison

12.30PM Session 4 ReConnecting: feeling your connection and purpose

Sounds: Tibetan Bowls + Piano + electronic and nature soundscapes

3.30pm Session 5 Inner Reflections: listening within and reflecting your true being

Sounds: Tibetan Bowls + Piano

6:30pm Session 6 Rise Up: Feeling light-ness from within

Sounds: Tibetan Bowls + Piano + Organ

Your Guide: Christina McMaster

Classical pianist, sound healer and founder of Lie Down and Listen

“She is an incredibly sensitive intuitive player who brings out the mystery and beauty of these pieces”

Sarah Walker BBC Radio 3

“One of the most talked about concerts of our festival.” Alistair MacGowan, Artistic Director of Ludlow Piano Festival


Founder and Classical Pianist Christina McMaster noticed that it wasn't only the rituals of classical music concert halls that led to a disconnected listening experience, but in daily life, we are experiencing more disconnection than ever, leading to loneliness, anxiety, stress, sense of emptiness etc.


Lie down & Listen began after a chance meeting with Prof. Sir John Strang and a series of events at Kings College London to recreate the wellbeing benefits of a hallucinogenic experience without hallucinogenics- but simply using a certain combination of music in a lying down concert experience as they did in the 1960’s in downtown New York loft apartments where music of Philip Glass, Terry Riley, Steve Reich - also known as the New York Hypnotic School. After training in sound healing, Christina then evolved the meditation, sound healing and lying down concert experience of today which creates space for deep relaxation and for listeners to reconnect within.

Find out more about Christina here.

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