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How We Listen Workshop

24-25 August
Colet House, London

"Those who know the secret of sound know the mystery of the whole universe"  
– Hazrat Inayat Khan

Workshop Guide: 

Pianist, composer and founder of Lie Down and Listen: Christina McMaster

What to expect?

  • X 2 blissful and thought provoking days

  • X 4 deeply relaxing lying down concert experiences

  • Introduction to Sound Healing 

  • yoga nidra, nada yoga (yoga of sound)

  • shared teachings in philosophy, deep listening, music, spirituality

  • seated and walking meditations 

  • guided visualisation in deep relaxation

  • listening excersizes

  • improvisation and composition (no experience needed)

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Q: Who is the How We Listen Workshop for?

A: This could be for you if you're:

  • curious about the benefits of sound, music and deep listening

  • looking to strengthen your spiritual connection 

  • a musician, performer or wellness practitioner looking to deepen your listening skills and explore integrating vibrational sound healing into your work inspiration 

  • an entrepreneur, musician, artist, creative etc. looking for inspiration and focus

  • sensitive to sound and vibrations, looking to cultivate understanding and ways to manage and use benefits of sound and music 

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Day 1

10-12.30pm Welcome and morning session

12.30pm-2pm Lunch Break

2pm – 4pm Afternoon Session

4pm - 4.30pm Tea break

4.30pm - 6.00pm Sound healing & listening circle.


Day 2

10-12.30pm Morning session

12.30pm-2pm Lunch Break

2pm – 4pm Sound healing journey & reflections

4pm - 4.30pm Tea break

4.30pm - 6pm Afternoon Session

​- The weekend includes x 4 full lying down sound healing and lying down concert experiences

​- Complimentary teas, hot drinks and healthy snacks available throughout the day.

Full Weekend Ticket: £255

Immersive Listening Workshop,
24-25 August

You'll discover: 

  • Sound healing and vibrational medicine

  • Deep Listening –  how to listen to our intuition, how to communicate.

  • Using sound to explore creativity and altering our state

  • Distinction between hearing, listening, sound, silence, noise

  • Nada Yoga – the yoga of sound, listening and attentionYin Yoga, listening through discomfort, hyper sensitivity to sound and ways to manage

  • Global listening, rested listening, listening for effective communication and diffusing conflict

  • Creativity – improvising our way through life

  • Creating and holding a listening field/space

  • Techniques for listening and communicating better in a world where listening and being heard is more important than ever. 

  • Pathways in to awareness of deep listening meditative states

  • Exploring rested listening, quantum listening, the listening field, the yoga of listening (nada yoga), listening to silence and listening for equality.

  • Philosophies from composers  John Cage, Erik Satie, Brian Eno, Pauline Oliveros and 12th Century Plant medicine healer and sonic visionary Hildegard Von Bingen. 

Introducing your teacher

Introducing Christina McMaster
Lie down & Listen.jpg

I'm Christina - a classical pianist, composer and founder of the Lie Down and Listen sound healing and lying down classical concert experience. I'm obsessed with sound, music and the way it impacts us both negatively and positively.


I'm welcoming you to join me for a two day immersion on 24-25 August at Colet House, London where we'll go deep into the world of healing sound, uplifting music, lying down classical piano concert experiences, deep listening, philosophies of musical pioneers whilst making beautiful connections in a supportive community creating transformative vibrations.

I've been working with sound and music for more than three decades (!) and I'll be sharing all that I know about sound, deep listening, music, piano, space, vibration, resonance and using this for healing, creativity and enriching our experience.

After this workshop, you'll feel an amazing sense of serenity, peace, energy as you'll experience and absorb powerful vibrations of sound and music in multiple lying down classical piano concert experiences. You'll also experience how you can create blissful states and spaces for yourself and others.


You'll come away with an increased awareness and perception in the distinctions between sound, music and silence, and how you can use this to benefit your wellbeing.


You'll even have the chance to learn how to improvise beautifully at the piano, even if you've never played an instrument before. (I promise!)

I can't wait to welcome you into the world of sound healing, music, deep listening, inspiration and creativity, 



Discover more below

Christina McMaster

Christina McMaster is a pianist, composer and founder of Lie down & Listen – a truly creative spirit fascinated by deep listening and sound. She has performed at numerous festivals U.K and worldwide and is known for her creative approach to programming.

She noticed that it wasn't only the rituals of classical music concert halls that led to a disconnected listening experience, but in daily

life, we are experiencing more disconnection than ever, leading to loneliness, anxiety, stress, sense of emptiness etc.

Lie down & Listen began after a chance meeting with Prof. Sir John Strang and a series of events at Kings College London to recreate the wellbeing benefits of a hallucinogenic experience without hallucinogenics - but simply using a certain combination of music in a lying down concert experience as they did in the 1960’s in downtown New York loft apartments where

music of Philip Glass, Terry Riley, Steve Reich - also known as the New York Hypnotic School.

After training in sound healing, Christina evolved which then evolved the meditation, sound healing and lying down concert experience of today which creates space for deep relaxation and for listeners to

reconnect within.

She studied with Joanna MacGregor and was later appointed Associate of London's prestigious Royal Academy of Music. She has performed worldwide at leading venues/festivals including Cheltenham, Aldeburgh, QEH, and featured on BBC Radio 4, Radio 3, Classic FM.

Christina was selected as a young artist in residence at St John’s Smith square, and from 2013-17 she curated programmes of multimedia and piano events for The Royal Academy of Music annual Piano Festival. She has been a mentor for Geneva International Music Competition, UNESCO Day of the Girl, and given talks at Universities in the U.K and U.S, including at Cambridge and Oxford Universities and was mentor at the Geneva International Music Competition in 2021.

Christina has collaborated with numerous visual artists, leading composers and artists - including composers Sir Harrison Birtwistle, Ayanna Witter-Johnson, Freya Waley- Cohen, Folk music legend Peggy Seeger, photographer-film maker Mary McCartney and has composed/produced music for Mother of Pearl, DAKS and Louis Vuitton.

Christina was a Visiting professor at Kings College in London, developing the ‘Sound Mind’ project with Dr Sally Marlow which ultimately evolved into Lie down & Listen – the tibetan sound healing and lying down concert experience.

In April 2023, Christina premiered ‘Inner Temple’ - her own composition/live improvisation for ‘‘Sound Unwrapped’ at Kings Place. Inner Temple was inspired by 12th Century Sonic Visionary and Priestess Hildegard Von Bingen’s vision ‘The Universe’ and created in collaboration with electronic and wellness music pioneer Tom Middleton.

Christina has a particular interest in 20th Century French Music – and spent many summers studying in Aix-en-Provence with Bernard Flavigny – student of Alfred Cortot and Walter Gieseking.

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